ProductCommercial Facilities

We help increase the value of an
entire building through
spatial design that pursues
comfort and functional beauty.

Our shutters and awnings enhance the beauty of the entrance to commercial buildings and stores, providing a comfortable and functional spatial design that welcomes customers. We also offer products designed to bolster the safety of an entire building by mitigating or preventing disasters, thereby increasing its value.

Electric Wide-Grill ShutterGrill Mort W

A grill shutter with a single-unit length of up to 6.12 m. Features a wide perspective and a sharp design to enhance displays. Adopting a dual stop limit device of a program limit and a lever limit, the shutter has a safe design that also protects the motor from burnout.

Transparent Panel ShutterPanelook

The elegant form fitted with acrylic or other transparent panels in an aluminum frame creates an elegant and rich shop facade. Communication with customers continues after hours through the products on display in store. Also popular for garages, this protective shutter forms a transparent partition.

Horizontal Panel ShutterPanelula

This folding door capitalizes on the elegant taste of aluminum sash and easy-to-use horizontal shutters. Options for the plates inserted in the aluminum frame include glass, acrylic, and decorated plywood. Can also be used as a stylish and functional facade for offices and shops or as apartition.

Horizontal Panel ShutterPanelula SF Type

Superior functions meet diverse needs, such as folding or pulling operation, provision of a wide frontage, or free creation of access points. The expansive and see-through glass surface provides unobstructed views and spaciousness. Operates smoothly by a hanging mechanism and safe due to no step.

Fire Shutter

A heavyweight shutter installed to prevent fires from spreading inside buildings by containing them in defined sections, and also to prevent fires from spreading to building from the outside. Thicknesses of t1.2, t1.6, t1.8 and t2.3 are available for the slats.

Smoke Shutter

It is obligatory to install smoke shutters in stairwells, shafts, atriums, etc., which act as giant chimneys in a fire. The slats and lintel have a highly airtight design and comply with Ministry of Construction Notification No.2564. The shutters can be operated manually or automatically by a smoke or heat sensor.

Movable PartitionSliding Wall

These movable walls enable the easy modification of space in shopping centers , hotels, event halls, offices, etc. In addition to functionality, these walls combine sound insulation, flame resistance, operability, safety and quality of design, supporting comfortable and easy space creation according to the circumstances.

Shop AwningElle-Banne

A retractable awning that controls sunlight according to the season to produce a comfortable shopping zone. Designed for toughness and the ability to withstand wind and rain, this awning decorates shops beautifully with a range of sheet variations. Recently it is drawing more attention, having been used in open malls, etc.

Stainless Steel JoineryProtoframe

Highly adaptable stainless steel fittings accommodate detailed orders according to the site. Can be used for frame doors, automatic frame doors, FIX windows, glass block frames, counter windows, etc., supporting various finishes, fittings, and openings with optional extras.

BX Water BarrierRakuset

A simple water-stopping measure that can be attached with metal fittings on automatic doors. Can be installed in around 2 min. in an emergency and does not requi re any construction work in advance. The plate firmly blocks the water pressure, so the door can operate after installation.

Water Barrier DoorAquard

With equivalent operability to a standard steel door, works as a water prevention measure. In an emergency, the door fixes tightly to the frame with a simple pull of a lever, preventing water from entering the room. Levers are attached to both sides, making the door effective whether you are evacuating from the inside or out.

Steel Door with Opening AssistanceAir Balancer

This door can be operated with a force of 100 N or less even when a pressure difference occurs in a fire. Safely secures an evacuation route in an emergency. Can be introduced without sacrificing space, economy or design when installing fire dampers or other pressure regulation devices.