Inspections & Maintenance

A 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year inspection and maintenance service provided in Japan, delivering reliable security with safety measures that prevent accidents and failures in advance.

Uniform management of product information by ID tag to realize a prompt and accurate response.

In order that our customers can use our products with confidence, Bunka Shutter has introduced product history management using an ID tag system in Japan. Through introducing this system, we have clarified our responsibility in construction and built a structure to respond more quickly and appropriately to customer inquiries. Each of the products we install has an ID tag attached by which the design/ manufacturing information, dealer information, repair/inspection information, usage conditions, etc. are centrally managed. For example, when informed of an incident such as a shutter not opening, operation being difficult, or impact from a vehicle, we are able to immediately identify the product and can respond quickly and accurately. In addition to emergency repairs, we also make use of these in carrying out maintenance and proposing efficiency improvements and cost reductions to maintain an optimal environment into the future. We believe that ID tags are also a tool by which to deepen communication with the customer in order to realize security and safety.

■ ID tag
A system that centrally manages product information, maintenance information, etc. with a tag at tached to Bunka Shut ter products.
*Some products not covered.

The 365-days-a-year“At Time Service System”(ATSS)

ATSS is an emergency repair system that responds precisely to every need including sudden accidents. Utilizing our extensive service network within Japan, we offer prompt and accurate service in response to customer requests. This service deals with shutter trouble, such as not opening or abnormal sounds, even on weekends or at night. A Customer Engineer (CE) is dispatched for repairs from the nearest service station.

Early detection of causes of failure provides a continually safe environment

Shutters are products in which parts must be replaced due to deterioration over time. For that reason, regular inspections and maintenance are important to detect malfunctions and failures at an early stage in order to maintain shutters in an optimal condition for usage. Periodic inspections require specialized knowledge and skills, and involve danger due to electrical work and work in high places. Accordingly, with the Bunka Shutter Service, experienced Customer Engineers (CE) are responsible for carrying out periodic inspections on products in Japan, thereby delivering safety and peace of mind to all our users. During the inspection work, the CE checks the operating state and consumable parts, quickly discovers factors that may cause malfunctions or failures, and takes the appropriate action. Products are thereby constantly maintained in a condition where they can be used safely. Even if the product is malfunctioning, taking measures at an early stage before it is seriously damaged allows the product to be used for the long-term.

*Bunka Shutter Service Customer Engineers are “Fire Protection Shutter/ Door Maintenance Inspection Technicians” certified by the Japan Rolling Shutters & Doors Association.

Qualified personnel conduct strict checks and complete maintenance to ensure safety and security.