Investor relations

Technology developed in synergy with Japanese
culture— kind to people, kind to the environment.
This technology is ingrained in our products.

Extending from the north to the south and surrounded by the sea, Japan is enclosed by bountiful nature.While nature gives us the beauty and blessings of the four seasons, it also visits punishing ordeals upon the people.Learning from and coexisting with this beautiful and austere natural environment, the Japanese people have developed original technologies and a unique culture.Therein are contained various ideas for preserving the environment while protecting people and property in the event of a disaster.These technologies and culture form the DNA of Bunka Shutter.Through creative concepts and development capabilities, we provide comfortable living spaces for many people and have come to value the creation of products that do not simply boast functionality and performance, but are also environmentally friendly.We believe that continuing to deliver products and services that win trust and satisfaction by means of such business activities will lead to the development of society and the growth of Bunka Shutter itself. We hope to pursue technologies unique to Bunka Shutter to enrich people's lives, society and the natural environment.


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